Cradle to cradle recycling for chemical products

Receps is a small and innovative company with over 25 years of experience in the recycling of products of a chemical origin using chemical non hazardous technologies. Aim is to process the wast material that it can be re-used at the same level of quality or slightly below the original material. During these processes there is a special know how on removing non wanted materials.

Cradle to cradle expanded poly styrene lifecycle technology.

What we offer

Receps has developed a new technology to reduce the volume of expanded polystyrene by up to 98 %. The process converts waste of packaging and construction material to a compact paste that can be transported economically to a central facility. Here it is processed into polymer grade styrene, while recovering the compacting agent and at the same time neutralizing additives like fire retardants. The Dutch company is seeking partners for joint venture and licence agreements.

The Dutch company developed a new technology to remove the air out of the expanded poly styrene (EPS), using a compacting liquid. With this technology it is possible to commercially collect and recycle used EPS out of packaging or construction applications. At the disposal site the used EPS is inserted in a small compactor that converts the EPS into a paste. The paste is collected in standard (ADR) containers for storage and transportation to a processing plant. In this processing plant adhering solids are removed from the paste. In a thermo chemical process the paste is transferred into a liquid. From this liquid incorporated fire retardants are separated out. Fire retardant chemicals (HBCD's) from the construction EPS are destroyed and the bromine is separated out into a special flow and recovered as a re-usable salt.
From the liquid a polymer grade styrene is obtained that is used as a base chemical for styrene based products.
The compacting fluid is also recovered to be re-used at the collecting sites.

Innovative Aspects:
Innovations and advantages of this offer are:
- volume reduction of EPS factor 40 to 80 times
- a unique re-usable compacting liquid reduces transport volume of the EPS
- economical transport of paste possible up to 500 km radius
- chemical recycling plant with a collecting area enabling commercial operation
- dedicated logistic process using existing transport network according to ADR
- damp or moist EPS can also be converted to paste without drying
- waste EPS is converted to polymer grade styrene as a base chemical
- bromine incorporated in the fire retardants is converted to a harmless bromine salt that can be re-used in the bromine industry
- compacting fluid is recovered for re-use at the collecting site, no waste
- solid impurities can be filtered from the liquefied EPS paste
- closed recovery logistic concept for collecting used EPS
- cradle to cradle process for used EPS to new base chemicals

What we are looking for

Joint venture agreement, License agreement, Commercial agreement with technical assistance, Research cooperation agreement, Manufactoring agreement

Receps is looking for investors with an interest in cradle to cradle like business concepts and contacts in the chemical industry.

Environmental interests, coaching, networking, drive for realization.

investment in the proposed technology, market development, experience with waste and the recycle industry.


  • Environment
    • Waste
    • Cleantech
    • Ecological Engineering
  • Sustainable Industry
    • Exploitation of Materials
  • Eco-design
    • Recycling

Collaboration sought

  • Technical Co-operation
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Licence Agreement
  • Commercial Agreement
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