Chemical Dosing Packaged Systems, Thermoplastic Tanks, Odour Control, Industrial Effluent Treatment.

Gee & Company was established in 1976 and is a manufacturer providing a range of products and services. It is located In Birmingham. England

It has a core set of competences such as :-
• Process knowledge
• Chemical dosing expertise.
• Design, manufacture of GRP/Thermoplastic tanks & systems
• Control panel design
• Design, manufacture, install, commission, after care package.

Using these core competences the company manufacturers chemical dosing systems including prefabricated packaged dosing systems, dosing pumps & skids, and polymer preparation systems. To compliment the above it also manufactures a range of thermoplastic tanks which are sold as separate items or included in our package designs.

The portfolio includes a range of standard design package systems but individual designs are also undertaken to meet customers’ specific needs.

In addition, the company designs and manufactures, Industrial effluent treatment systems for a range of industries. These can be supplied as packaged plant of as stand alone systems.

We also have a total odour/fume control capability for Municipal and Industrial applications. The range of products are suitable for treatment and prevention of septicity in the pumping distribution systems or at the gas phase at the sewage treatment works. The products include a variety of dosing systems and the gas phase includes a range of carbon, biological and chemical odour scrubbing systems. These can also be used for fume extraction/treatment in industrial applications.

Gee & Co have a team of chemical process engineers with experience in designing systems to meet specific applications as wells technical support team and field service/installation engineers to provide that important after sales support.

The company currently supplies products to all the major water companies, contractors and consultants in the UK, International companies such as Veolia, Lyonnaise Des Eaux as well as major industrial customers such as Ford, Jaguar, Rolls Royce, British Aerospace, GSK, Cocal Cola, Princess Tuna, GE, Siemens.

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Manufacturer of Chemical Dosing Systems, Thermoplastic Tanks, Odour Control, Industrial Effluent Treatment Systems

What we are looking for

Gee & Co are looking to sell its products and services into a range of Municipal and Industrial Customers.

We are also looking for potential partners/distributors for our range of products and services.


  • Environment
    • Waste
    • Water
    • Air
    • Ecological Engineering
  • Energy
    • waste to energy
    • Carbon Management
  • Sustainable Industry
    • Engineering
  • Eco-design
    • Recycling

Collaboration sought

  • Research & Development
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Manufacturing Agreement
  • Commercial Agreement
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