Green technologies

EReIE is a Jeune Entreprise Innovante (JEI) created in December 2010. Its activity is part of New Energy Technologies (NET). EReIE valorizes several technologies, invented by its founding members and patented by ARMINES, of which EReIE is exclusive licensee.
EReIE is located in France Palaiseau and has 4 main product:

1-PAC Facteur 7”®: an innovative technology to produce domestic hot water, with very high energy efficiency in rupture with competitors; the average COP is of 6.4.

2-CRYO-PUR®: biomethane purification and liquefaction.
The CRYO-PUR® technology is a refrigeration, then cryogenic separation technology that achieves either gaseous biomethane ready to be injected on the network, or bio LNG to be transported or used as fuel.

3- Cleaning ORC ®: The specific segment for EReIE consists in the integration of systems on flue gases of industrial processes, which requires beforehand energy and exergy audit in order to define the best integration conditions. The integration of the recovery heat exchanger has to take into account the process constraints, especially to recover the energy from quenching or to associate flue-gas cleaning.

Green technologies


  • Energy
    • waste to energy
    • Biogas and Methane generation

Collaboration sought

  • Technical Co-operation
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Commercial Agreement
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