Waste sorting technology for Waste to Energy & Recycling

FORCEBEL is an specialized environment
plant company that researches, develops,
produces and commercializes soting systems
of the recycling and energy recovery of MSWs
(Municipal Solid Wastes), landfilled wastes and
recycled wastes. We implement bidirectional
technology development and commercialization
based on sorting know-how acquired through numerous landfill mining projects and illegal waste treatment projects at construction site in Korea & Overseas contries.

Sustainable Landfill

What we offer

The SLR System consists of Separation system to sort landfill wastes excavated from active or closed landfill into soil, combustibles, incombustibles and metals followed by Refuse derived fuel RDF producing system with combustibles sorted to recover energy SLR System is applied to sustainedly recirculate landfill restored by recycling soil and incombustibles.

What we are looking for

We are Looking for buyers who are interested in our technologies.


  • Environment
    • Waste
  • Energy
    • waste to energy
  • Eco-design
    • Recycling

Collaboration sought

  • Commercial Agreement
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