Air Pollution Control Facility

The Company provides high quality products for domestic and overseas
machine tool manufacturers. In 2008,
it greatly contributes to waste reduction
and resource making through the
development of dry and heating system
for various processed products using
disperse microwave.

Flameless Regenerative

What we offer

FRTO As the name implies, is a flameless RTO without the flame of the burner to oxidize the VOC. So if VOC is oxidized without burner flame, Use of fuel is reduced by 30% compared to the existing RTO and life of FRTO is more than doubled due to minimizing the damage by thermal shock.
When the process gas is introduced at a low concentration, Gas injection device which is installed in front of RTO makes the concentration of inlet gases high to maintain a proper combustion chamber temperature(800℃) so that the perfect combustion of VOCs may be realized. (main burner is off)
[Features & Benefits]
-Burner Standby(The RTO combustion chamber is maintained as FRTO during normal time, and then can be used as a main burner in case of a trouble to the FRTO)
-Reduce the cost of fuel max 30% 2)No thermal NOx
-Protect the regenerative material(Ceramic)

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