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POINIX Inc. is an enterprise with the
highest level talented personnel and
technical capabilities in the field of
road pavement technology.
The Company developed domestically
first technology to remarkably reduce road
traffic noise by the structure of multi-storied
pavement using “SBS(Radical type SBS)” as
technology innovation enterprise, which
was certified as New Technology, Ministry
of Environment (No. 367).
Also, its technical capabilities are
acknowledged by the application of
20 product patent registration and 2
international patents(PCT).

Road traffic noise reduction technology by the structure of multi-storied pavement using Radail type SBS(RSBS) modified agent

What we offer

This technology, a noise reduction technology, reduces Tire/pavement Noise, major road traffic noise sources, by the structure of multi-story with higher void fraction than in general noise single story pavement using RSBS, improves noise reduction technology effects, and improves void cloaking phenomenon with the durability to maintain this structure in the long run.
-Usually, 9dB(A) of road traffic noise is reduced compared to general pavement by the formation of small voids and large voids at the bottom at the top by the multi-storied structure for noise reduction
- Radial type Styren-Butadiene-Styren modified agent use [Patent 10-0835671]
-Remarkable road traffic noise reduction (usually -9dB(A))
-Customized road traffic noise reduction technology
-Great improvement of durability
-Securing easy drainage function by high void fraction (22%or more)
-Improvement of slipping resistance by the reinforcement of road surface friction.

What we are looking for

Looking for Investors who are interested in our technology.


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