Environmental equipment manufacturing

Specializes in manufacturing facilities
to treat sludge generated from sewage
plants, Korea Water Technology has
commercialized an electro-osmotic
dehydrator and dryer, a new concept
sludge dehydration machine, as the
first in the world. Korea Water
Technology’s electro-osmotic
dehydrator and dryer is a groundbreaking
equipment that cuts down the cost of
sludge treatment by 30 – 50%. Korea
Water Technology has outstanding and
objectively reliable human resources and
holds internationally acknowledged
technological power together with
a global business network and performances.

Electro-charged sludge cake dehydration technology

What we offer

Electro-osmotic dehydrator is a secondary dehydrator that lowers moisture content of organic sludge down to 60%. Sludge completed of primary dehydration with centrifugal dehydrator or belt press is dehydrated again using this equipment. Through secondary dehydration, weight and moisture content of sludge are decreased by more than 50%.
Continuous treatment / Very compact equipment / Not using additives / Simple operation (unmanned operation possible) / Quick delivery and installation (three months after order placement) / Eco-friendly operation possible
Sewage sludge treatment, other organic industrial sludge treatment

What we are looking for

Looking for Investors and Buyers who are interested in our technology


  • Environment
    • Water
  • CSR
    • Sustainable Development
  • Energy
    • Renewables
    • waste to energy
  • Sustainable Industry
    • Smart water
    • Energy efficiency
  • Eco-design
    • Recycling

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