Waste Processing and Recycling (Power Plant)

GAIA Corp. is specialized in manufacturing
recycled fertilizer and power plant fuel through
processing waste. We were established in 1992.
With 20 years of technology development and
accumulated know-how, we are recognized
in the global market with excellence in technology,
servicing the current line of products
(Food waste processing machinery and plant,
Animal feed/fertilizer/RDF, Rendering machinery,
Incinerator, power plant) in domestic and overseas
markets. Excellency of our technology has been proven
by the global business network of over 11 countries we
are confident we will lead the future in the environmental
industry as a pioneer in recycle processing business.

Organic waste processing and recycling facilities

What we offer

-To recycle various organic waste (food waste, carcasses, livestock excretion, sewage) to animal feed/fertilizer/RDF through drying/deodorization/fragmentation/sterilization.
- The technology allows to process organic waste without odor through drying/fragmentation/sterilization, reducing the volume and weight by 80~95%. In the process, inherent nutrients remain, allowing the waste to be recycled into: 1) a high quality animal feed and fertilizer, or 2) a form of powder to be recycled as fuel.
-Old tires, plastics and dried food waste are either directly burned or recycled to fuels to burn, in order to generate steam. The generated steam is sold as its own, or used to dry other organic waste or can be used to generate power through steam turbine.

What we are looking for

Looking for Investors and Buyers who are interested in our Product.


  • Environment
    • Waste
    • Cleantech
  • CSR
    • Sustainable Development
  • Energy
    • waste to energy
  • Sustainable Industry
    • Energy efficiency
  • Eco-design
    • Recycling

Collaboration sought

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