Energy & Environmental Management

"Energy is a controllable cost that has a direct impact on your profits. At Green Bridge, we are dedicated to helping you make sure business more profitable by reviewing your existing expenditure, recommending techniques and technologies to reduce waste and increase efficiency. We oversee implementation, monitor and report on improved performance
We offer a comprehensive range of services to help your business establish serious green credentials such as:
• Surveys, Audits & Inspections
• BS EN 16001/ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management Systems
• Remote Energy Management
• Air Conditioning Inspections
• Energy Performance Certificates
• Display Energy Certificates
• Maintenance Service Contract Review
• Renewable and Low Carbon Technology
• Thermal Imaging and Electronic Leak Detection
• Monitoring & Targeting
• Energy Bureau Services
• Energy Project Management"

Strategic Energy Reduction

What we offer

I have 20 years experience in strategic energy and environmental management. I specialise in finding ways to improve business performance and reduce running costs through energy efficiency techniques and technologies.

I have first hand experience of ISO9001, ISO14001 and I am accredited by the BSI as an ISO50001 auditor. So I can help you reduce your costs and improve your environmental performance and credentials by complying with globally recognised standards.

The service I offer is to help you move your company towards a more efficient way of working, which will lower your energy bills and enable you to be compliant with and internationally recognised standard. If you chose to go forward for accreditation to the standard my input will make that process easy and I can provide coordinate the process for you, or provide assistance to your staff.

What we are looking for

I am looking for organisations who have an annual energy bill of more than €100K who are interested in having greater control over how much they spend on fuel, who want to be compliant with environmental legislation an reduce their impact on the planet.


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