Recycling of non-ferrous metal bearing residues

Our European Headquarters and recycling facility is based in Wurzen, Germany where World Resources Company GmbH operates a state-of-the-art environmentally engineered facility.
WRC takes residues generated across many industry sectors in various form :
Powder/dust, sludge/slurry, grinding media, filter cake from Waste Water Treatment Surface and solutions.
At WRC, these residues are used to manufacture metal concentrates which are commodity of the non-ferrous metal industry.
WRC is an international leader since it was created more than 35 years ago and as also have three additional recycling facilities and business offices throughout the world.
We are the first company in our industry to offer facilities that are ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified to ensure our quality and EMS excellence.

The Worlds foremost Recycler of industrial non ferrous bearing residues

What we offer

WRC is an international environmental service provider specialising in the recycling of non-ferrous metal bearing residues.
WRC develops Recycling Solutions for industries that generate waste in various forms : powder/dust, sludges/slurry, grinding media, filter cake from Waste Water Treatment Surface and solutions.
Our company is the cost efficients alternative solution to waste disposal. All residues are 100 % recycled offering a cradle-to-grave service.

Recyclage et Valorisation de déchets industriels contenant de métaux non ferreux - Boues d'hydroxydes métalliques, tribofinition, poussières , de Nickel, Cuivre, Etain, Cobalt ...

What we are looking for

We are looking for Customers and Partners active in the industrial sectors such as : Surface Treatment, Electronics, Aerospace, Power generation, Jewelry, Automotive…
Before WRC can proceed to recycle any waste stream, a sample is fully analysed to determine if the material is recyclable. This evaluation is done free of charge.

Recherche de partenaires et clients générant ce genre de déchets
Prestation globale de l'analyse d'échantillons au recyclage total en passant par l'organisation et la réalisation de la logistique .


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    • Waste
    • Water
  • CSR
    • Sustainable Development
  • Sustainable Industry
    • Exploitation of Materials
  • Eco-design
    • Recycling

Collaboration sought

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