ACOFI Investment is a designer, developer of financial products and investment solutions to serve institutional investors, professional investors and private investors. Our core products aim to finance renewable energy infrastructure projects.

ACOFI Investment is a subsidiary held by the group ACOFI, which is an independent asset management group founded in 1990 in Paris, France.

Investment solutions

What we offer

ACOFI is currently commercializing a venture capital mutual fund (in french "Fonds Commun de Placement à Risque") that will invest exclusively in renewable energy infrastructure. This product will be known has "FCPR Transition Energétique France (TEF)".

Our objective is to raise 50 million euro from institutional clients (banks, insurance companies) who are looking to invest in projects with a substantial return on investment and at the time a low level of risk.
As a matter of fact, renewable energy facilities match very well these expectations, since a predictable revenue is ensured by long-term contracts with a fixed price (15 to 20 years).

What we are looking for

Given the track record of ACOFI and the expertise of our teams, we have decided to allocate arround 80% of the investments of the fund TEF in solar photovoltaic facilities. The 20% left may be allocated to other types of renewable energy facilities (mostly wind farms) depending on the opportunities that may arise.

The fund TEF will only invest in metropolitan France (Corsica excluded); however a small part of the fund may be invested in projects located in the Euro-zone, provided that their characteristics fit in the investment strategy of the fund.

We are primarily looking for:
- developpers seeking finance for their solar photovoltaïc projects and who have significant references and track-record
- consulting firms, engineering offices or plateforms that are well established and have a good knowledge of the market, so that they can put us in contact with developpers and assist us in the acquisition process
- maintenance operators

We are also interested in meeting potential partners that may offer the same products and/or services for wind farm projects.


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