AirSerenity is developing and producing a high efficiency and ecological solution for indoor air purification. This breakthrough solution is integrated into a plug and play cartridge-filter which captures and completely removes the three (3) kinds of indoor air pollutants (biological, physical particles and chemical compounds).
This single consumable can be incorporated into autonomous systems (air purifiers or air conditioners) and centralized ventilation systems (Mechanical Extract Ventilation).
This represents an interesting recovery & repeat business model.

Indoor air purification solution

What we offer

We are specialized in indoor measures, treatment and controls. And we proposes an innovative way to completely eliminate all indoor air pollutants with single system.
AirSerenity propose this expertise applied to indoor air management.

What we are looking for

We looking for specific cartridge- filter realization for specific market.


  • Environment
    • Analysis-Measurement-Monitoring
    • Air
    • Ecological Engineering
  • Sustainable Industry
    • Engineering

Collaboration sought

  • Technical Co-operation
  • Manufacturing Agreement
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