IJINUS is a manufacturer of wireless sensors and data loggers. We offer adapted solutions in many fields of application:
- Remote stock management,
- Remote control and tracking of sewerage networks’ flows,
- Temperature - sensitive products' traceability,
- Recognition and detection of trucks and trailers.

Controlling the whole information chain, from the measurement sensor up to the man/machine interface (MMI) for the data operating, IJINUS can answer to the custumers needs, with controlled time and costs.

IJINUS presents a new range of wireless and GSM level sensors

What we offer

Recognized as an autonomous measuring systems expert, IJINUS presents a new range of wireless Data Logger and ultrasonic level sensors. It represents all the IJINUS know-how in terms of performance, miniaturization, ease of use and data transmission.

Our sensors measures, records and collects data to up to 15 IJINUS devices in its wireless range. Data are then sent by GSM to the supervision software. Some models fitted with connector allowed you to directly save data by Modbus, 4-20mA, pulse and digital.

These solutions are used in many fields such as:
- Management and flood prevention
- Monitoring CSO and pumping station
- Remote stocks control
- Fill-level measurement in waste containers

Innovative aspects:
- Wireless and autonomous measurement systems
- Replaceable lithium battery powered
- Level measuring range from 1 to 10m
- Output : HF radio / GSM / GPRS / MODBUS
- Compatible with PLC and supervision software

What we are looking for

IJINUS is looking for both waste management companies and municipalities as customers as well as resellers and distributors for our service within the EU regions.

Collaboration sought

  • Commercial Agreement
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