Valagro is a R&D center dedicated to biomass, byproducts and industrial waste valorization. Our mission is to support Industrial innovation with processes based on green and sustainable chemistry :
* substitute petrochemical components with biobased molecules
* waste and byproducts valorization
* Eco-designed processes
From lab to pilot plant (exploratory research, industrial R&D, demonstration, scale-up). Patented technological offer.
Valagro is organized in 4 specialized departments : oleochemistry, bioplastics, lignocellulosic chemistry, green biotechnology.

R&D center in green chemistry : biobased products, biomaterials and polymers, plant extraction, biomass fractionation, ecofriendly processes

What we offer

R&D services in green chemistry and patented technological offer :
1) biomass fractionation biorefinery process for lignocellulosic ethanol and chemicals production
2) biopolymers, biobased adhesives, bio-additives, biomaterials formulation, composites chemical recycling 3) plant extraction, purification, green oleochemical synthesis, polyphenols extraction for cosmetics, pharmacy, specialty chemistry

What we are looking for

Demonstration and technological transfer of our patented offer to industrial partners, R&D contract

Collaboration sought

  • Research & Development
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Licence Agreement
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