Waste bin identification

RF Conception is specialised in the design of identification solutions using RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification), and mainly RFID UHF (Ultra High Frequency) techology.
After having developped our skills developping timing systems solutions, we decided to use the same skills for waste bin identification.

RFID UHF techology applied to the waste give a new dimension to the waste bin containers tracability :
• Long distance reading : read rate up to 99,99%, billing is correct
• The chips can be used on all containers, whether they are plastic or metallic
• The embedded identification solution can be installed on every garbage trucks
• Fast installation - no predisposition required

RF Conception develop and design the whole identification solution : from the software to the hardware.
All these innovations contained in BacTrack solution allows the collectivy to divide the cost of an identification solution by 4.
We would be pleased to meet mainly local collectivities but also companies which can be able to use our product in their offer.

BacTrack - Economic and innovative solution to identifiate your waste bin containers

What we offer

Our industrial activity is pretty young but still performant. We are working with a local collectivity to develop our new products. That's how we know their needs and their constraints.

Our product is designed for collectivity but also for waste collectors. BacTrack Mini is an embedded system that has to be installed on trucks.
During the collection, the bins are automatically read and stored.

Our solution is the most economic and innovative : RFID UHF is brand new technology, which is still being developed. It solves most of the constraints dictated by the former technologies (BF as an example).
To identifiate a container, you just have to put an RFID tag on it, and that's it ! It also works on metal containers...
Reading distance is important (up to 5 meters), but we reduce it to only read the container to empty.

What we are looking for

You are collectivity manager ? Collector ? Looking for an innovative and economic identification solution ?

BacTrack Mini is THE response to your needs !
We would be pleased to meet mainly local collectivities but also companies to present our know-how.


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Collaboration sought

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